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Pierre Dimaculangan


I was born in Manila and raised in Queens, NY. I love digital art, graphic design, world history, reading fantasy/ sci-fi, and writing books. I combined all those together to create Trials of the Middle Kingdom. I'm fascinated by Asian history, especially that of ancient and medieval China.



When and where does Trials of the Middle Kingdom take place?

It's set during the Ming Dynasty, in the late 15th century and follows a famous kind of hero--the wandering swordsman. They are quite similar to rangers and act as Robin Hood-type of hero, doing vigilante work, taking contracts, and fighting in the martial arts underworld. In Asia, this genre is called "Wuxia" (martial arts fantasy) but is based loosely off of real historical backgrounds where underground organizations, secret societies, and the imperial government collide. 

Trials of the Middle Kingdom has a twist, and introduces elements of Western fantasy by including characters that strongly resemble dark elves who arrive upon the shores of the Ming Empire to seek trade and diplomatic relations. This is where the conflict begins. These "dark elves" come from an unknown continent, sail on large vessels with silvery sails, and have burning red eyes, snowy skin, and whispy-white hair. The whole medieval world is encountering them for the first time-- and they're causing great socio-political unrest as they sow the seeds of chaos in favor of their own mysterious agenda. Civil war is at hand as internal enemies rise up against the emperor in favor of the dark elves. Now, the Ming Empire must prepare for a full-scale invasion too.