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My Inspirations for My Writing "Trials of the Middle Kingdom"

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

What elements came together that influenced the creation of my martial arts action-adventure historical fantasy books?

FIRST: I've always loved history. Especially ancient, medieval, and premodern. I love studying the rise and fall of civilizations, the usurpation of a ruler to create a new dynasty, the creation of vast armies and the battles they fought. It helps a person to understand recurring trends and themes within human nature and its tendencies. While it's boring for most people, I'm fascinated by how monarchs and government officials of old ran their kingdoms and empires. I have a special love for Chinese history.... especially because it's worth 5,000 years. Statecraft is something they've practiced for most of that time. Statecraft and warfare.

SECOND: I like alien invasion movies. I like seeing an alien race with more advanced tech take on humans who then have to rely more on ingenuity, adaptation, and strategy. This is what Trials of the Middle Kingdom has. A mysterious non-human race advanced (by late medieval pre-modern standards) taking on the one of the most powerful empires/ civilizations of the 15th century.

THIRD: Have you always wondered how characters from fantasy franchises like orcs and elves would interact with characters and civilizations from real human history? For instance, how would the Imperial Roman Army fare against orcs of Mordor?? Yeah, this is the kind of stuff I think about. Let's take it further. Let's take what we love from fantasy (dark elves, dragons, fantastical creatures and lands) and have it cross paths with actual medieval history! I mean, why not, right??

FOURTH: I love movies set in ancient and medieval China. I love the costumes, the settings, the large scale epic battles, political intrigue, secret societies, and scenes of martial arts combat.

Take all of the above and have it set during the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century. And BAM! I have Trials of the Middle Kingdom -- a Martial arts, action-adventure historical fantasy.

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